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19 November 2013 @ 04:07 pm
Unexpected - 2 drabbles  
Title: Unexpected – 2 drabbles
Pairing: KyuSung/YeKyu
Rating: G
Summary: ‘Confession’ + ‘Break up’
Warning: Character Death in 2nd drabble

A/N: 2 stand-alone drabbles. Merely written to test my skills, as I haven’t written in a very long time. The first drabble is obviously incomplete, but I just wanted to see whether I could write something “cute”. The second one is more to my likes, but it still fails. I need to regain my skills a bit more. Enjoy reading though ! :)

Drabble 1 - Confession
“Can’t you just…” Jongwoon started, sighing while hesitating to continue what he wanted to say. He knew he was being unfair, but Kyuhyun wasn’t making things easy on him.

“Can’t I just what, hyung?” Kyuhyun asked, absently, still not averting his gaze from his laptop’s screen. Jongwoon was slightly amazed Kyuhyun had heard him and had known who had spoken to him. Although, there was still a slight possibility Kyuhyun had no idea who he was actually talking to, and just added ‘hyung’ because he was the magnae and everyone was his hyung anyway.

“Do you even notice anything that’s going on, aside from your games?” Jongwoon asked, slightly angry, but more at himself than at Kyuhyun.

“I might not be a girl, hyung, but I’m not stupid either. I can both play games and notice what is going on around me,” Kyuhyun replied, looking at Jongwoon for a full second before continuing his game. He was playing online, and as that meant he could not pause his game, he couldn’t spare another second.

“Do you?”

Kyuhyun signed, hearing the disagreement in Jongwoon’s voice. He then suddenly closed his laptop with a little more force than he had planned (‘If anything broke, Jongwoon is going to pay for it!’), and stood up, staring Jongwoon straight in the eyes, who looked back at him, shocked at the sudden unexpected action.

“Apparently I am not. Just tell me what is on your mind,” Kyuhyun said, slightly agitated. Jongwoon knew perfectly fine that Kyuhyun was a man of straightforwardness, he shouldn’t try to give underlying hints that no one would be able to comprehend, except Jongwoon himself.

“I’m in love,” Jongwoon stared at Kyuhyun directly as he said what Kyuhyun had least expected to hear from Jongwoon today. He knew Jongwoon was just as stubborn as he was, and it often resulted in them bickering over nothing for a full hour; something Kyuhyun strangely enough liked to do on his already way too busy evenings. But this time, Jongwoon hadn’t responded to Kyuhyun’s agitated words, and it had surprised him to the fullest.

“Oh, well, congratulations?” What else could he say?

Jongwoon smiled. “Thanks.”

Kyuhyun smiled back politely, before sitting down and opening his laptop again, secretly hoping he was still able to connect to his game and to finish what he had started a mere hour ago. He would most likely lose now anyway, due to his minute of absence, but he just didn’t like giving up.

“For the past year, this person is all I can think of. But I think it’s one-sided. It’s a little… complicated too, you see?” Jongwoon continued, eyeing how Kyuhyun seemed slightly disappointed not being able to concentrate on his game just yet when Jongwoon started his sentence, and it took all of Jongwoon’s effort to not smile at his small victory.

“Is it a fan?!” Kyuhyun asked, a little too greedily when Jongwoon had finished his sentence, shoving his laptop aside in an instant, crossing his legs and leaning forward in anticipation. His gossiping side arose to the surface, God, he hated it when he was being like this.

“I don’t think me loving a fan would be one-sided. All fans love me, you know,” was the smug reply. Kyuhyun shook his head in disbelief of Jongwoon’s self-laudatory words, a smile on his face as he knew Jongwoon had a good point. “It’s… Someone you know. Someone you know very well actually.”

“If this is about Ahra, you know I can’t and won’t-“ Kyuhyun started, ready to lecture Jongwoon about the fact that in no way he would be allowed to even look at his sister, but Jongwoon’s exaggerated laughter at Kyuhyun’s protective words made Kyuhyun realize this wasn’t at all about his sister. Still, he didn’t have to laugh, Kyuhyun was just being a good baby brother. “Then who? Just tell me, so I can continue my game.”

“His name is-“

“His?” That was unexpected. Kyuhyun had never known Jongwoon headed that way. He’d dated girls before after all.

“-Cho Kyuhyun.”

For a full minute, neither Kyuhyun nor Jongwoon said anything, nor did they move, nor did they breath. Well, at least Kyuhyun didn’t breath, he wasn’t really sure whether Jongwoon did or not.

“Well… Okay, yeah, great. Perfect. Brilliant. Interesting. Very interesting. A little too interesting maybe. Yes, definitely too interesting. Or, too informative. I- I don’t know what to say,” Kyuhyun rambled, more to himself than to Jongwoon. He didn’t even dare to look at his favorite hyung anymore. “I’m speechless. Can you tell? I really have nothing to say. I really don’t know what to say. What do you want me to say?”

“Like I said,” Jongwoon said, his voice slightly weaker than it had sounded before, but yet still determined and certain of what he was going to say, “it’s complicated. Just… Think about it for a bit, and… We’ll see what will happen in the future?”

With that, Jongwoon turned around and left the room, the dorm, and even the building, in need of fresh air. Wherever things would go from here, he’d be okay with it. At least he had spoken the words he had wanted to say for so long. And it felt good.

Better than he could have imagined.


Drabble 2 - Break Up
Kyuhyun walked the path he was so familiar with. The same path he had walked nearly every day for the past 2 years. Many called him an idiot, some called him crazy, and only a handful called him faithful and sweet.

Jongwoon was one of those people. And he was also the reason for Kyuhyun to walk that same path for so long. It was the path from his own apartment to Jongwoon’s work. You see, Jongwoon is Kyuhyun’s boyfriend since nearly 2 years. 2 years ago, Kyuhyun moved into his apartment, and ever since then, he went by Jongwoon’s work after studying every single day. Except for the days the coffee shop was closed, or when Kyuhyun was sick. Both were rare occasions. At first he went merely for the coffee, after a month, he went for Jongwoon.

But today, every step felt heavy. Kyuhyun knew this was the last day he would walk that path he had loved walking. The last day he would visit the coffee shop he had loved visiting. The last day seeing the person he had loved seeing. Today, Kyuhyun had a mission that would change everything.

As he entered the coffee shop, the bell hanging above the entrance rang, and despite that it was still rather busy and noisy, Jongwoon flashed a smile in Kyuhyun’s direction as he had noticed him coming in thanks to that bell warning him. Or maybe the bell had nothing to do with it, maybe he could just feel Kyuhyun coming. Kyuhyun’s facial expression however, wasn’t the same as it always had been when he was greeted by Jongwoon’s joyful face, and Jongwoon’s smile dropped a mere second later, before refocusing on the customers because he had to.

A good 15 minutes later, Jongwoon’s break started, and Kyuhyun joined him in the staff’s room. Jongwoon was the son of the owner, and therefore, Kyuhyun was allowed in places other people weren’t.

“How are you doing?” Jongwoon asked, worry lingering in his question, as Kyuhyun had turned his hug down. Something was wrong, but Jongwoon didn’t know what it possibly could be. Kyuhyun had always been cheerful, even when Jongwoon had gone through dark times. Even when Kyuhyun himself had gone through dark times; he always smiled.

“We need to talk,” Kyuhyun replied, sitting down at the table, across from where Jongwoon was about to sit. Jongwoon nodded silently, as he pulled his chair backwards, sat down, and stared at the plate of food that was standing in front of him. His hunger had completely vanished. “Please don’t make a scene.”

Jongwoon smiled bitterly.

“I…” He hesitated for a brief moment, before continuing with certainty, “have no feelings left for you. I always thought it would come back, but it didn’t. It’s time to move on.”

Kyuhyun continued to stare at Jongwoon, who was still eying his food silently. Just when Kyuhyun was about to repeat his words, to make sure Jongwoon had heard him, Jongwoon looked up. The expression in Jongwoon’s eyes shocked Kyuhyun, but it did not make him change his mind; quite the opposite, it only made him more certain of his decision to break up with Jongwoon.

“You… You are lying,” Jongwoon concluded, trying to read Kyuhyun’s mind like he always did, but somehow he was unable to today. Somehow, Kyuhyun had closed himself completely from Jongwoon, leaving nothing but a cold gaze in his eyes. It shocked Jongwoon how Kyuhyun had changed so suddenly overnight. Yesterday, everything had seemed fine, and now, Kyuhyun was breaking up with him as if he had wanted to do so for months.

“I’m not. It’s over,” Kyuhyun said, ever so serious. Jongwoon looked at him distraught, but Kyuhyun didn’t seem to care. “Look, it’s not working. I can’t continue pretending something is there, when there isn’t. Right?”

“I just- I… I don’t understand,” Jongwoon mumbled, fighting that single tear that was threatening to fall from his left eye. Yesterday had seem so perfect, and now, Kyuhyun said he was merely pretending that he liked him? Everything had not been real? Was everything a joke to him? “I thought… What we had-“

“What we had is no more. Just accept it is over, hyung. I have moved on, I suggest you do the same.”

“But yesterday, you said…”

“An act. It was just an act. I thought about it last night, and I just feel it isn’t fair towards you, nor myself, to continue acting. I’m done, with you, with us, with the romantic crap, I’m done with everything,” the harshness even shocked Kyuhyun.

“Romantic crap?”

A few minutes of silence passed, until Jongwoon finally managed to regain his voice again.

“Leave,” he cracked, his finger shakily pointing towards the door, his face staring away from Kyuhyun as he had no intention to ever look at his cold eyes again.

Kyuhyun could see tears were streaming down Jongwoon’s face. He wanted to say many more things, but he knew it was useless. And thus, without hesitation, he stood up and left, never to look back again.


Kyuhyun softly closed the door of his apartment, as Jongwoon had turned the corner and had disappeared from Kyuhyun’s view. They’d just had a wonderful evening together, and Kyuhyun couldn’t wait to see Jongwoon again tomorrow afternoon during his break from work. Even though Kyuhyun’s life had never been great, the past 2 years with Jongwoon had made up for everything that had ever happened to him.

But as Kyuhyun had nearly closed the door, he stumbled on some resistance. Which was strange, because his apartment was still quite new, and his door should be able to close without any effort. As he glanced down, a black shoe between the door and the doorpost caught his attention.

“What the-“ he started, before the door was pushed open harshly.

“Had fun with your girlfriend, Cho?” A familiar voice asked, Kyuhyun could instantly feel his stomach making summersaults. “I always wondered how idiotic your girlfriend could be for falling for you, but now I finally understand. It’s a gay.”

Kyuhyun didn’t move, and therefore, the man that had allowed himself into his apartment walked back towards the door and closed it for him.

“Shouldn’t you offer me a drink?” He asked arrogantly, and Kyuhyun smiled awkwardly before rushing towards the kitchen. How had he found him? How was this possible? And why now of all moments?!

After making the man a terrible cup of coffee, the latter gestured for Kyuhyun to sit down, before seating down himself. Kyuhyun complied, as he knew that it was the only option he had, and awaited the words he has feared for the past 2 years.

“You know what I am going to say, don’t you? We know his name, we know where he lives, and we know where he works. We have been watching both of you for a while now,” the man said, seemingly proud of himself. “As he is innocent, and most likely unaware of where you come from, we will spare him. You will break up with him tomorrow, and return with me to the base instantly after, understood? Do not let him notice anything’s wrong, and he’ll be fine. One wrong move, and the same will happen to him, as what happened to your parents and sister. Understood?”

Kyuhyun nodded and swallowed, trying to reduce the large lump in his throat, which only seemed to get bigger with every swallowing attempt to get rid of it. Jongwoon should not suffer the same fate as his late parents and sister, whom had died because Kyuhyun had been selfish enough to inform them about his own made mistake that had gotten him into trouble. Bad trouble. Horrific trouble.

A tear rolled down Kyuhyun’s cheek as his nausea only aggravated. The tear represented anger, frustration and extreme disappointment. He had thought a big city could offer him protection and keep him from that what he most feared. 2 years ago, when he moved here, he had known he should stay alone. He shouldn’t make friends, he shouldn’t talk to anyone. But his coffee addiction and Jongwoon’s charms had completely turned his plan around. And a year after, he had thought (or more likely hoped) that his relationship with Jongwoon wouldn’t change anything, and couldn’t hurt anyone. But all this time, he had been wrong. So VERY wrong. Something he had already known deep inside of him, but tried to ignore. Because he deserved happiness. He had been selfish, again.

The man stayed a couple of more hours, sickening Kyuhyun with everything he said. He updated Kyuhyun about what had changed at the base ever since Kyuhyun had left. What had happened with Kyuhyun’s partner after he had escaped and left him on his own, what had happened with Kyuhyun’s few selected friends after he had left them without telling them about what he was going to do. Without taking them with him. They had been punished for his decision, much as his parents had with his decision, and as Jongwoon might if he didn’t do what was asked from him. Again, a life was in Kyuhyun’s hands, and he wasn’t going to ruin this one.

As the man left, Kyuhyun laid down on his bed, already knowing he would be unable to sleep. Over and over, he practiced how to break up Jongwoon. It had to seem like Kyuhyun meant it, it had to be harsh so Jongwoon wouldn’t follow him or try to suck the reason out of him, and it had to be on a way that would make Jongwoon forget about him as soon as possible. Kyuhyun had to end up meaning nothing to him.

As Kyuhyun eventually drifted to sleep, tired out by his own emotions and busy mind, he soothed himself knowing that really loving someone, sometimes meant letting them go. And whatever Kyuhyun had to go through tomorrow, he did it for Jongwoon.


As Jongwoon laid in bed that night, confused and missing Kyuhyun even though the latter had been so hard on him, he completely missed out on his closet door opening silently. He completely missed out on a large dark figure pointing a gun at where his head was from within the bedroom closet. The last thing on his mind, as a bullet went through his brain, was Kyuhyun’s cold stare as he broke his heart, that had never been that strong to begin with.

junnosukex3junnosukex3 on November 19th, 2013 06:26 pm (UTC)
I sooooooooooooo hate you ;_;

I was so happy to read anything from you again that I decided to read your angst for once and now I'm crying my heart out !!

Poor them u_u That's awfully awful ! (but the first one was cute ♥ )

Well... I like your writing so much that I forgive you ♥ I'm really happy you're back !
littlemenomarulittlemenomaru on November 19th, 2013 08:15 pm (UTC)
Alright lets see if I can actually respond to this......(it left me speechless and then I turned around and now I'm fighting with my car, so thoughts are kind of every where)

Well first I'll start with: YAY i GET TO READ UNNIE'S WRITING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! ^^

1st Fic:

Awe that was soo cute. He awas so nervous but his devilery on his confession was great. Just leading Kyuhyun to every conclussion except for it being a band member, and especially not himself. I persionally just enjoy imagining Kyu's face once Yesung told him it was him.

THough probably the best part for me was just imagining debating between gossiping and gaming. I just picture him looking back and forth between Yesung and his laptop and deciding to get the itch to gossip out of the way so he can playa again.

also...he totally lost that game....no way he could win after a distraction that left him speechless like that.^^

2nd Fic:

Okay that went differently than I expected two different times. First I thought, okay Kyuhyun's sick and going to die and broke it off.....then nope that wasn't it......so I thought okay so they're going to take Kyuhyun back to the base and kill him.....nope killing Jongwoon.....so yeah...didn't see the ending coming. (Don't ask why I kept thinking Kyu was going to die) Though I guess that's a good thing. Don't want to be too predictable when you're writing.

But seriously it was good. I would love more of a background with everything with his involvment with this group and how exactly his family died..or Kyu finding out about them kill yesung and taking revenge...but of course I won't ask you for it....I only pressure you to write when it's appropriate.... :p

I feel rather rusty when it comes to leaving you comments, I don't think it's up to my usual level.....though my mind is kind of all over the place right now....so it's a little difficult to go over every little detail like I usually do for you. But maybe I'll come up with something when we talk....cause somehow we will talk about these more than just in my comment.

love you^^


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